Sunday, 29 June 2014

Shetland Hammock Appreciation Society

Hammocks aren't something commonly seen in Shetland, may be the lack of trees and excess of wind has something to do with that! Anyway after I'd finished cutting the grass I made a hammock from some old polytarp and hung it between the washing line poles to have a little snooze in. Little did I know how popular it would be!

As soon as Beren saw it he had to be in in and was saying he wanted to sleep out in it!

As soon as Clare saw it she had to be in it, as did Beren, which meant I was evicted!

Beren spent an age just lying in it this afternoon, playing with his toys in it. It's looking a a little saggy from the abuse of having a full family in it.

 And he did want to sleep in it too. After his bath we loaded it up with a kip mat, sleeping bag, pillow, blankets galore and some teddies and some how managed to squeeze him in too!

And he did go the whole night, though by morning there was't much of him left in the hammock LOL!

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