Sunday, 15 June 2014

Greenland preparations...

In three weeks time I'll be in transit on my way to a trip of a life time to the East Coast of Greenland! Being me I'm always panicking about being prepared and getting it right so I've just had a trial run of packing and weighing my rucksack and gear. By the skin of my teeth it came in at just under 6kg for the carry on luggage and 20kg for the the hold luggage.

Travel there is ferry to Aberdeen, train to Edinburgh, tram to Edinburgh airport, Easy Jet to Reykjavik, Icelandair to Kulusuk and helicopter with Air greenland to Tasiilaq so everything needs to be sucure and in the right places to negoitiate airport securities. A few things will need purchasing once there such as fuel due to flight restrictions and my friend has a shot gun for me to loan over there too. Just hope I don't need to use it!

Once I arrive I'll be getting any last minute things in Tasiilaq and helping my friend with some jobs he has for the first day or two and then the plan is for some solo trekking and camping. The exact details of where I go are up in the air until I get there and I see what the weather forecast is and how I'm feeling with my back and loss of fitness due to my back apart from anything else. Having said  that I have everything from day hikes to a week long hike in mind and possibly a boat trip too.

I'm a triffle excited at the thought of the trip and a little nervous too, but I'm sure it'll all go brilliantly!

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