Saturday, 26 April 2014

Back on the hills; The Button Hills

After 6 weeks (really!) of moping about in agony I seem to be fixed! Last night while doing my stretches I felt an new click in my back and awoke this morning to no pain! Aching muscles, but no pain. Woo Hoo, locked facet joint be gone!

With my new found mobility I decided to go for a walk on the hills above Brae and see if I could find the Ludiowic Stone, a small standing stone put in place in by Ludowic Dunbar a Minister in 1878. I took it easy after 6 weeks of doing nothing more energetic than brushing my teeth, though it's pretty rough going with no paths over peat moor, peat bog and peat hags. 9.3km and 3 hours later I was back at the car, tired, but happy.

It's a steep climb up the heathery hills from the cemetery at Brae, but there are some great views and some great  clouds too today.

Looking over Muckle Roe...

Over Brae to Mavis Grind...

And onwards and upwards over the eroded peat...

Ridings Hill. By now I'd seen a number of hares, red grouse, grey-lag geese, ravens and my first pair of bonxies of the year, as well as enjoying the sound of the skylarks...

At Button Hill (252m)...

Ronas Hill in the far distance...

I wandered about for sometime looking for the Ludowic Stone, but didn't find it. That's the second stone near here I've not found. I could be hidden away between the eroded peat banks or may be even collapsed in the peat; it was only a couple of foot high anyway.

The weather seemed to be changing now. The clouds were even weirder with these undulatus asperatus in the sky. I wish I'd brought my tripod as they'd have made a brilliant time lapse. Thinking of weight and my back I'd left it in favour of trekking poles and minimal carry.

I was going to go to Souther Hill, but the weather looked like it was taking a turn for the worst, I had had a good walk and thought to quit while ahead. I headed down Skella Dale towards The Thieves Knowe (any trowies there?) with rain starting at my back and followed the lovely burn for a way to some falls. I disturbed a pair of raven's near the falls and then saw their nest with 2 eggs in it, wonderful! Again saving weight I'd not brought my telephoto lens, typical.

Soon I was on my way back around to the north end of Brae and my car to get out of the rain and home for a well deserved cuppa. My back still feels good and my legs tired, so I just need to keep it up now and get my fitness back.


  1. I believe you found the Ludowic Stone (at least that's what I told RCAHMS a few years ago) a photo here -
    Button Hills and Skelladale - lovely walks

    1. Ah! Looks like I did but the upright stone wasn't there. Obviously just assumed it was a cairn. Cheers!