Saturday, 15 March 2014


After a morning run and some jobs in town I went up to Vidlin to see my friend and go for stroll on the coast of Lunna Ness to see if we could see any otters.

A heron kept avoiding us as we wandered up-wind along the coast and the odd oyster catcher was annoyingly piping away. We passed a couple of holts with very fresh spraint outside, but had seen no other sign of otters so we sat for a while as the drizzle blew down the voe built.

There were still no signs so we headed back towards the start, the edgy heron hopped along the coast in front of us and just when we'd given up hope we spotted two otters!

They were busy exploring the rocks and weeds and didn't seem to notice us, despite my friend having a bright red jacket on!

We sat and watched them for a while and then decided to sneak along the coast in front of them to settle ourselves for their approach. It was a bad move. We lost sight of them and they obviously changed their course in our absence not to be seen again by us.

Still it was a nice wander on a gloomy afternoon with plenty to chat about and the sighting of a couple of otters which is always a joy.


  1. Smashing shots...

    A fan from Wales :o)

  2. Love your pics! Shetland sucked me in and I moved here end of 2007 ;-)

    1. Cheers :) Hope you're enjoying it up here as much as we are.