Sunday, 5 January 2014

Nikon's last adventure

I went down to Burra this morning with the intention to leave my little action camera on a time lapse setting on a beach to capture the seals there and also to take a few other photos while I left it to do it's thing.

There wasn't a puff of wind and the water in Clift Sound was like a mirror...

I left the Polaroid XS100 under a camouflage scarf on the beach and continued wandering around the coast towards Whale Wick with the intention of  little circular walk via there and then collecting the camera from the beach on the way back.

The sea on the west was still pretty impressive, but had calmed a lot, so I stopped at a few places to take these longer exposures...

This sheep was surprisingly friendly, or may be just hungry...

I headed along the banks towards an arch I like half way to Whale Wick. The rocks were very slippy , greasy from all the salt spray I guess, so I was very cautious. Sadly not cautious enough as a slip saw me slide down a slab, hit a ridge and somersault to land a little below. My camera went flying along with me. Despite my cuts and bruises the camera came off some what worse than me...

And that put pay to that walk! I hobbled slowly back to the beach to collect the action cam, no seals had appeared as a family had also gone to the beach, and then back to the car and home.

I may be able to get the camera fixed. It still seems to fire, but I can't really tell if the pictures are OK as the screen and display are totally smashed so I can't check settings. I'll see if I can get some one I know with a Nikon to check out the lens on theirs as that took a might bash too and has marks on the barrel, though it seems to move OK. My camera pack was on my back at the time which seems to have saved me some battering and the other lenses that were in it appear to be un-harmed which is good.

The rest of the day has been sat on the sofa with anti-inflammatories and ice on my swollen knee. Not the best end to the holidays, and hopefully I'll be OK to get to work in the morning...


  1. Hope you soon mend. Sorry to hear about the damage to your Nikon :(

  2. Kevin, Not what I was expecting to read. Let's hope that you can get it mended and that you have managed to get to work. John.

  3. Cheers for your thoughts. Stiff and sore today, but much better than I expected to be and back at my desk. The camera will be a right off, it'll cost almost as much to repair as replace, but my lenses seem OK :)