Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Lerwick Up Helly Aa 2014

Up Helly Aa Day came in stormy again with ferries cancelled due to gales and driving sleet, but thankfully atleast the sleet and rain eased off for the evening procession.

We had decided not to go due to the weather. Last year it was so cold and wet that Beren was almost hypothermic despite all his clothing, but when we told him he went of and started crying in a corner saying the weather was fine!

My friend's 'Father-in-law' has been stranded here for a few weeks so got to experience his first Up Helly Aa and thought it was great...

The weather and getting to grips with my new camera in the dark meant only a few photos (I need to get the flash speed settings figured out)...

Would you marry this man?! Well he'd just got engaged e; congratulations Kerry and Martin!

Sparks flying everywhere...

Ivor Cluness and the galley Congo Warrior...


 It was a great night despite the wind and odd bit of rain.

We all went for an indian afterwards to warm up; a great end to a fine evenings fun!

And here's a video of the procession (best played in HD)...

Hopefuly I can get to some of the country Up Helly Aa's too...


  1. Kevin, some great photos. You seem to have got to grips with the NEW camera. Given that the photos are so clear - you must have switched to "the light side" and now sporting a Canon!!!!!!


    1. Cheers John. More look than good management with the photos, I never use the flash so hadn't figured out how to get the flash shutter speed up faster than 1/60 so most were pretty blurry, now I know. Still Nikon as that's what my lenses are, D5200

  2. Thanks for the film. I was very frustrated last night as the live stream just kept dying and closing last night so I missed most of it. Surprised you didn't hear the screams of frustration up there...each time I rebooted I had to watch 13 seconds of North link ferry adverts before Up Helly Aa came back by which time I on
    Y got about 2 mins watching before the whole thing shut down again. Gave up in the end....just managed to catch a bit of the galley burning at the end :(. One day I hope to be there in person....

    1. Oh that's a shame. No doubt the bad weather here was affecting the streaming. No one needs to keep watching Northlink ads! Glad you enjoyed the footage