Sunday, 19 January 2014

It's brally coorse enoo!

 The foul weather has continued for some time now up here and got even worse over this weekend. Ferries have been cancelled, flights too and for all it's not cold the rain and wind have been pretty non-stop.

We went to Lerwick this morning to do a bit of shopping, hoping there was some shopping to do.

Here's the dam at Sandy Loch. I think the water is meant to come down it not go up...

The sea spray near Tesco's roundabout was actually coming over the sea wall and along the Sletts it was pretty wild...

Unfortunately down at Sumburgh a part of the runway apron collapsed leading to a man needing to be rescued and taken to hospital...

Photo courtesy of Sidney Sinclair, Shetland Times

In Tesco's it was quite amusing to see the fresh goods isles. A good opportunity for cleaning the shelves...

We're not going to starve though. Apart from fruit, veg and bread there was plenty there and other shops have plenty too. Still if this weather keeps up we might get a return of the Hercules deliveries of Christmas 2012.

Here's a cheeky little video from my phone of the weather today. As I said, it's a bit grim...


  1. What strange creatures we are - the places we choose to live.
    You cut off by stormy seas and violent skies at one end of the earth,
    my Victorian town isolated by bushfires and scorching temperatures - all roads in and out cut,
    at the other end of the earth (fortunately we are up in QLD at the moment - so out of harms way).
    Same but different.

    1. Thankfully we aren't in any immediate danger unlike those in Victoria and South Australia. Seems no matter where you live these past years the challenges are getting greater.