Sunday, 15 December 2013

Into the windy woods we go

Clare was working this morning and after a late night last night Beren was being a lazy slug, so after a quick run and a couple of sets of pull ups and dips in the shed I set to.

I've been overhauling my outdoor gear, partly in light of my trip to Greenland next summer, and partly because I'm always trying to minimise my load. Out has gone the full trangia and I now only use the burner with a simple trivet and tin foil windshield along with a crusader cup canteen to cook, eat and drink from. I have experimented with various pop can alcohol stove designs, but as I have the trangia burner I'll just use that over there despite it's weight as it's very tough.

A suitable lightweight tent is an issue for Greenland too. I've been using a tarp/bivibag arrangement lately, but with the prospect of midgies, mosquitos and black flies in Greenland a full tent is needed. I should be able to loan one from my friend, but not knowing the weight and size I thought I'd look at lightening one of my small tents by cutting out un-needed tags and toggles and the packing bags etc. I'm also thinking I might just get a snugpack ionosphere for the trip given my 20kg luggage allowance and the need to fit my camera gear in somewhere. Even with a cabin bag taking everything including my freeze dried food is going to be a struggle.

After a morning of faffing about, which includes Beren now sleeping in a tent erected in his bedroom, we went to meet Clare and head off to Bonhoga for lunch and to look at the excellent exhibition of work by Paul Bloomer. The food was great and so was the art work.

Bellies full we then headed off to Kergord Woods. We were a little worried going in the woods with the high winds that have been battering the isles as the woods are needing a little TLC. We risked it anyway and didn't experience any widow or orphan makers on our trip. In fact someone has made a bit of a start in logging up some of the fallen dead wood, though they've got a long way to go and the place is still full of hung up trees and free standing dead wood. They've also replaced the big swing and begun making a few bridges across the burn. Excellent!

It was a good laugh and we all managed not to hurt ourselves despite me walking across a pretty high and long stem the curved over the burn.

The wind really was howling...

On the way home we stopped on Wormadale for a sunset photo. The wind was so strong I could hardly hold the tripod still and waves and spray were whipping up the voe. It's forecast to get stronger too.

Only one week until the Christmas break and it's looking like another week of gales and rain, let's hope it then eases for some nice days to get out over the holidays!

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