Saturday, 14 December 2013


Despite the lack of posts recently I've not actually been in hibernation! Things have been a bit hectic with one thing and the other and the weather has been distinctly challenging leading to less time out and about. When I have been out the weather has not been conducive to bringing out the camera. We've had everything from storm force gales and rain to calm and fog, and from -3c snow and ice to 12c t shirt weather; it's all rather odd!

I've seen a couple otters in the last week. A freshly dead one up near Mu ness on Unst that I doubt you'd want to see photos of and another swimming close to shore in Sand Wick on Whalsay that I didn't get to photograph as I was deep in discussion at the time with a work issue.

Beren and I have been out and about and last week when the schools were closed I worked from home and we had a lunch time sledging session on Berry Hill in Scalloway. It was pretty nippy with wind driven snow being no fun at times, but we did have fun.

I managed to mangle my ankle when I hit a rock on the way down leading to a spectacular and painful wipe out where I just managed not to squash Beren when I landed on him. It was fun though!

Today's been another lazy start to the weekend with household jobs to do both inside and outside and parties to go to, but we did get to the park for a little fun while the weather was fine earlier. As I type we now have gales, rain and more cancelled ferries. Well it is December.

Tomorrow will probably bring more of the same wind and rain, but you never know...


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    1. Soon came and went :( Just hope it returns while we're off for Christmas so we can have some real fun.