Sunday, 29 December 2013

Bezza and Baz's little adventure; Littlure, Burrastow

With a reasonable break in the weather we went out west with Beren's friend and his Mam. Our group trips out have become known as the Adventure Club trips and Beren's friend has a map of Shetland with stars on at the various places we've gone for our days out.

Clare has been wanting to get out west to Littlure on the coast near Burrastow for a while; it's a pretty intriguing spot on the map along with the nearby  Ellen Gray's Bottom. As we drove out west the weather was looking a bit less favourable but we carried on as the wind was a lot less than it has been and it was pretty mild too.

Parking at Lera Voe we headed up a track over the hill and into the rain. Stopping in the lee of an old byre we had lunch and then as we descended to the beach the weather cleared up and we had a lovely afternoon on the coast and exploring The Peak, a headland that has become and island; though it is still possible to get to it at low tide.

In the bay and tidal pool around The Peak were numerous grey seals which watched us as we pottered about. On the seaward side of the bay the sea was still pretty rough and with the low sun it was all looking very lovely.

Beren had brought 'sting' with him, a sword from The Hobbit' that Father Christmas brought him, it glows blue when orcs are around, though today it was a sniper's rifle that he used to check for baddies as we went on our walk!

Further along the coast at The Head of Uskiegeo we sat and admired the view at the hut that Clare is going to get me for my birthday (I wish!)...

I videod our little venture, so you can get more idea of the day and coast if you watch it below (in HD if you can)...

We did plan to go out again today, but for all it has been a lovely day other more mundane things have taken precedence, still there's still a weeks holiday to go...

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