Sunday, 1 December 2013

A gentle winter sail

With a forecast for a dry day and light winds I met Martin at Voe marina for a little winter's sail around Papa Little where Clare and I managed to land on a sandbank last time out. Today it was a very low tide and the sand bank was well exposed in all it's massive glory, needless to say we never went anywhere remotely near it!

I'd also brought along my kite with my polaroid xs100 action camera to try my luck at photos off the back of boat. There was only just enough wind to sail at times never mind get a kite up that's supposed to need a minimum of 8mph before the weight of a camera is added, but with some faff and hilarity we did manage to tow it as we motored back into Voe.

 And here's a little video of some of our trip. Once we got out to Vementry the swell got quite steep and sailing with a following sea in the light wind made not slopping our cuppas a challenge! Once behind Papa Little the wind said good bye for good and by the time we returned to the marina the water was like glass. A great little trip out though...

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