Saturday, 2 November 2013

Very exciting plans afoot...

Well today I bit the bullet and booked my flights to Greenland! 

I'm going to be staying around Tasiilaq on Ammassalik , a boat ride from the airport at Kulusuk through the fjords and hopefully not too much ice.

I can't really believe that I'm going to be going there for 10 days next summer walking, camping and photographing with my friend Martin who I go sailing on Märta with. Oh, and a couple of days in Iceland on the way home. Martin runs sea kayak adventures leading 2 week kayaking trips in the area through the summer. I'm going out with him before his trips start to do some trekking, boat trips and more than likely a little kayaking too. 

This blog Polar Hiker decribes the route that I'm thinking of following.

Here's a video of the helicopter flight from Tasiilaq back to Kulusuk where the plane goes from. I'll be doing this by boat unless the ice is too thick, in which case we'll be helicoptering it too...

So I've got lots of planning and dreaming to do beginning with ordering some maps for the island. I've also got to a bit of figuring out meals and what gear I can both fit and carry in my rucksack given weight restrictions. I might even have to visit the gun club to get a bit of shooting practise in just in case I need to scare off a polar bear! (Not too likely Mam, but best to be prepared)

Now back to a dreary weekend in Shetland with no adventures planned...

The most exciting part of today (other than booking the flights) was watching 'Posh Cat' stalking and chasing the hens and been chased by them.

The hens weren't impressed. I'd even found Posh Cat having a snooze in their beds earlier!

It's a lovely cat, but he got a few peanuts up his bum to chase him off...

And the hens then ran at him to eat the peanuts!

I don't know who's he is. He hangs around here a lot and is usually no bother, but if he starts hassling the hens now he's getting bigger and bolder he'll be getting some hassle back! Be warned Posh Cat!


  1. He's got what? where?!!

    Oh how thrilling - "East Greenland is not scenery – it’s savagery" - sheesh.
    It's a little bit scary.

    1. Yeh I liked that quote too!
      My wife and son were thinking of heading your way when I'm away to visit her sister in Moranbah, but I think the 4 days travel each way (never mind cost) have put pay to that.