Saturday, 23 November 2013

Out Skerries

It was a grey day as I headed out to Out Skerries, so I had none of the lovely skies I was hoping for on the ferry ride over. As it was warm, dry and the sea was pretty calm I'm not complaining.

With the recently reduced timetable it's not the easiest place for a day trip any more. You're limited to a Friday or a Sunday and even then it's only half a day on the island before you're returning.It's not cheap either. The other alternative is flying, but that is more restricted and much pricier. It is worth the trip though as it's a lovely spot.

Lighthouse in the distance...

Looking into the South Mouth. The ferry used to be able to come in this way as well as the north-east mouth, which gave more options when the seas are up, but apparently it's too risky for the boat now.

I'm always fascinated by the water way that encircles the Ward of Bruray leading into the reservoir. Quite inventive and simple yet effective. It was certainly working well today though since it was built it's slightly redundant as springs have been found and bore holes sunk for a more reliable supply.

Looking across the North Mouth and South Mouth. The ferry actually comes in through the North East mouth which is on the far side of Bruray. There's plenty of evidence of the salmon farming which the Skerries are know for as you walk around the place; pity I hate salmon!

I spent my time waymarking paths, looking into a particular path issue and talking with a community representative about future path improvements and promotion before an uneventful trip back to Vidlin.Not a bad day at the office!

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