Monday, 25 November 2013

Grey seal pups

I was out west today doing some path works and came across a few cute grey seal pups down below in a geo...

And a mummy too...

When I passed there a number of ravens flew up. I soon saw the reason for the gathering. A less than cute and fluffy pup was their main course for the day. A bit sad but everyone's got to eat.

 At another location there was another large number of ravens hanging about, but this time there was a happier ending. A lovely coloured shetland sheep had it's head stuck in some rylock fencing and if it wasn't for us would be feeding those ravens too. With a bit of pushing from one end and pulling from the other we managed to free the sheep and watched it as it wobbled it's way towards a group of sheep, occasionally stopping for a feed. 

Good deed for the day done, but we got no thanks from the sheep!


  1. Aren't they funny looking creatures?
    Blobs with faces.

    1. These seemed particularly blobby! Much cuter when they're small