Sunday, 17 November 2013

A foray into Kite Aerial Photography

I came across something on the internet some time ago about Kite Aerial Photography or KAT (using video is KAV) and thought it would be great to play around with up here for different views of lighthouses, brochs, headlands and the like, not to mention getting some aerial shots of the boat while sailing.

Basically you hang a camera from a fairly stable kite with it recording video or on a timer or intervalometer to take photos every so often and hope for the best. There are very complicated and ingenious ways of taking the photos using radio control and live video feeds, but basic will do for me. Stills aren't bad at all...

It was pretty gusty down at Voe, but not too bad for a first attempt in between messing about with the boat...

Here's my rough and ready pendulum rig. Now that I know it's pretty much OK and safe I'll make one out of aluminium some time with a few minor improvements...

Here's some views from the other pier...


And here's a short video. You can see how blustery it was. I hope you don't feel sick watching it! On a better day and with some slight changes to the rig it should be possible to get some decent video, if not the unique stills are worth the effort.

And here's a short video of a blackcap in our front garden this evening...

Woody the great spotted woodpecker keeps turning up just when I least expect it and when it's too dark to take photos, so I think I'll set up the XS100 on the fence and leave it running some time!


  1. Kevin, seems to be no stopping you. Until ........................... I saw that most of these aerial shots were featuring poses of you!!! Also at Voe, quite close to Frankies. Next time you go there it would be good to see some photos of your fish suppers. Lucky you. John.

    1. Much as I wish I could fly, I can't so holding the kite string means my ugly mug is likely to be in the shot, unless I 'photoshop' me out. Never thought of them as 'selfies' LOL!

  2. Kevin, What about the request for fish suppers from that emporium!!! John.

    1. I'm usually too busy scoffing it to take photos of it :)