Sunday, 6 October 2013

Strandburgh Ness, Fetlar

The other week I was up on Fetlar checking on some work on a path that goes out from The Haa of Funzie to Strandburgh Ness along with some other bits and bobs. It was pretty windy, as it often is up here in autumn, but a lovely day none the less. There wasn't too much in the way of obvious birdlife about, bonxies, gannets, and geese, but I know there have been some interesting migrants turn up lately. I just didn't see them, but then I wasn't looking for them either!

Looking up to Saxa Vord from Baa Neap, a high point of 85m...

And in a southerly direction with Out Skerries to the left and Noss and Bressay more centrally...

The Ness is a nice rocky headland with a myriad of geos , small caves and arches; some where to investigate further I think...

Looking across the Wick of Gruting. There are no formal routes there, but it looks like another fine bit of coast and -shock horror- I saw a couple of people walking over there. That's a rarer find than some of the birds!

At the end of the ness is a holm -Outer Brough- that had a monastery in the distant past. Today it was just covered in grey lag geese which took flight as soon as I got any where near. Odd really as there is no obvious way across to it.

Inner Brough with Outer Brough at the end across a deep vertical chasm...

As with many areas of Shetland there are lots of old buildings about. This one at Strand must have been a fine house in it's day. It's a pity a some of these aren't restored and modernised in favour of the new Scandinavian style developments that pop up every where.

Fetlar is a great place for walking and wildlife. I bit of a trip to get there with a ferry to Yell, Unst and then Fetlar, but plenty of opportunity on the way for whale and otter watching, not that I've seen any yet from the ferry. There is an airstrip, but there doesn't seem to be any scheduled flights which is a shame.

Oh one last thing... just watch out for the sweety machine at the ferry terminal; it's one of those that often doesn't like to give up it's treasures! Though judging from it's position last time I popped in people have been vigorously rocking it to retrieve theirs!

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