Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Lunch Al Fresco

The last week was pretty typical autumn weather for a our visitors and then as if by magic the day after they left the sun came out and it was lovely.
I managed to sneak in a nice couple of hours sail on Märta with Martin and the next day Beren and I were out and about and went up to Kergord Woods, complete with monster truck, for a little lunch al fresco...

Here's a short video of our time in the woods. If the videos are getting annoying don't worry, they're more annoying for me with a 5 minute video taking a full 24hrs to upload!

Anyway here's our little camp in the woods and us cooking on our wildwood stove...

Not a bad spot to relax for a while before going back to work...


  1. What an amazing place to grow up and how Beren has grown since you settled in Shetland. :)

    1. Yeh he's grown some! It's certainly been a good move for us :)

  2. Kevin, looks like you are determined to show off these wonderful boots!!! Always enjoy your postings. It occurred to me, that's my business hat, that you might think about pulling together many of your blogs and publishing them as Shetland walks. Just a thought. John

    1. Hehehe I love my boots :) Thanks for your comments, others have suggested doing walks guides, leading walks, but it's not something I'm planning. The most likely thing, if anything would be walks blog

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