Monday, 9 September 2013

A motor to The Hams O' Roe

On a beautiful morning my friend and I set off on Märta from Voe with the hope of sailing to South Ham on the north-east side of Muckle Roe. There wasn't a lot of wind, but enough to have us gentle sailing along out of Olna Firth and around Linga on our way. It didn't last long though and despite many pauses to see if the wind was back we ended up motoring there and back. As it was a stunning morning we weren't too concerned as it gave us plenty of time to admire the views and cook a manly breakfast as we cruised along the coast.

Muckle Roe lighthouse. After here we turned north up the coast. I'd not been up there on a boat since I kayaked there a few years ago, a trip that included an unintentional swim!

With Ronas Hill in the background we came to the last headland; round that and we'd be heading into the South Hams....

Märta and Martin on the jetty. The water was crystal clear and there were a few seals hanging about that we'd displaced from their sunbathing on the jetty when we landed.

And here's a short video of our trip. It was a wonderful day out...

Best in HD

On the way back it started to cloud over and the wind built a bit and by the time I'd got back home it was just starting to rain. This black and white shows the change in the weather coming as we headed back down the west coast of Muckle Roe...

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