Friday, 28 June 2013

Simmer Dim at Da Grind O Da Navir

A spontaneous decision and a wonderful summers evening had me throwing my camping and camera gear int he car and rushing up to Eshaness to take some photos of the sunset from Da Grind O D a Navir. 

As you can see it was gorgeous up there (about 9pm) and not even any midgies despite the lack of wind...

I hadn't realised how far north it would be when the sun actually set so when I arrived at around 8.30pm the sun was still high in the sky and already north of the Grind.

While there I realised that I should actually also be able to see the sun rise from the sea here, about 3.30am, but unfortunately by that time there was too much cloud and a heavy mist in the air. Here's the view  over the pool behind my camp at about 11.30pm. I could read all night if I wanted, but I tried to get some sleep.

While the sunset and I brewed up and admired the view and the birds I set the camera running to make a time-lapse video. If you can watch it in HD and fullscreen. I was a fantastic night...

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