Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A few pretty birdies...

I was out the other day round Eswick and Ling Ness and the birdies were all geared up for the summer. The fulmars were on nests like this one siting pretty...

The black guillemots were either on the sea or lining up on the ledges on the cliffs...

And there was plenty more bird life I didn't capture well like the great northern diver just off shore, arctic terns fishing and the curlews, or perhaps whimbrels that I never seem to get near. I did get near some of the wheatears that were flitting about on the banks and walls though.

Mr Wheatear...

Mrs Wheatear...

I passed a couple of otter holts on the walk too. I never saw any, but they still looked active so I know a few places to go back to one good day.

I'm still pretty shattered after a busy week last week so the mixed weather has been a bit of a blessing. It'll be an exciting day tomorrow though as our boat Märta is getting lifted to a new berth at Voe. She had her mast and rigging over hauled, been anti-fouled and a number of other jobs in readiness for the move. Once we're there the western coast of Shetland will be at our finger tips and that will be exciting for a summers sailing!


  1. That orangey-yellow lichen on the grey rocks in your first shot is so pretty.
    As are the guillemots shoes.
    Your birds have such great names - guillemots, whimbrels and wheatears. They sound so refined.
    Ours are kind of raucous-sounding - cockies and kookaburras and galahs.

    1. Yeh but your birds are so colourful! I remember being amazed to see parrots flitting between the trees in schools in Melbourne when all we got back home we starlings and rooks and things