Monday, 8 April 2013

Snow Clouds...

The weather seems to have lost the plot again lately. After glorious sunshine for a couple of weeks we've got a mix of that and sudden heavy wintry showers.

I thought I'd post a few photos of a couple large snow clouds of late. 

This one was today over Lady's Holm off Scat Ness...

The other night we went for a walk with Earl around Burwick and saw this monster out at sea over Foula as the sun was setting...

Not the best photos, but considering these two are rushed panoramas from around 2 rows of 9 handheld photos with my telephoto lens they've come out pretty well in an atmospheric way.

If you look carefully you can see Foula just emerging from the base of the cloud on the right...

Earl enjoyed his walk too, especially the time off the lead in the sheep free areas...


  1. Very dramatic photos Kevin... And I can't believe how fast Earl has grown. I have just worked out my notice and would love to have another dog, but ironically now that I am home to look after one the loss of my salary makes it rather a difficult thing to take on. Ho hum such is life, maybe it will become possible if i can bring some money in! I'm hoping to develop an online business to sell all the different textiles and sliver jewellery that I make after having a couple of months to recover some energy. My hope is that at some point over the next few years we will be in a position to relocate to Shetland and I will have a means to make a living already on the go. Dreams, dreams...but you never know...where there's a will there's a way.....I love seeing your photography and blog posts, it keeps me going through to our next annual visit.

    1. Glad you like my posts. I do sometimes wonder whether to continue. Dogs aren't that expensive to look after are they? unless the vet is.involved of course. sounds like you have a good plan which must be a good way to dreams becoming reality! Best of luck for your craft business takin off.

  2. Well I am after another Labrador and with food bills, annual booster jabs and flea prevention treatment (I have 2 cats) it works out at around £40 a month when you break it down. I shall have to wait until I can earn some money and then look again. Then of course there are the boarding fees for our trip up to Shetland and that adds in another £350 a year for 3 animals! In the meantime I shall keep dreaming.