Sunday, 14 April 2013

First Puffins of the year...

Having heard the puffins were back at Sumburgh head we decided to pop down after tea yesterday to have a nosey along with a run on West Vie Beach with Earl. It's was pretty blowy down there and we thought we'd may be see the odd one, but the banks were strewn with the little funny things some flying in and out, others just stood like sad looking sentinels, a bit of grooming and others snuggled up in the grass with their beaks tucked away. None seemed to be in and out of burrows, collecting bits of grass which I've seen before or even in the burrows, may be they don't go under ground until they're paired up? I'll have to find out but it didn't seem the evening to be sat out enjoying the view, Beren actually got blown over at one point!

Anyway here's a glut of our first puffins of the year...

I thought these two looked good converted to black and white in Silver Efex Pro 2...

Can I help you?

Nobody loves me.. (yeh right!)

Check out all you could want to know about puffins.


  1. Oh wow!
    How wonderful!
    And great shots!
    Where do they live when they aren't living on Shetland?

    1. Check this out...

    2. oh thanks that's great info - I really knew very little about puffins.
      I even learnt what a Cleptoparasite is!

  2. Do you think you might allow me to put one of these on my tumblr page?
    It's like an on-line scrapbook for photos I love.

    1. Yeh that's fine. Thanks for asking and thanks for the compliment :o)

    2. Absolutely gorgeous pics! They are weird looking little things,eh.
      Send some down here, please!

    3. Hi PA, yeh they're pretty comical! Good to see you veggies coming along :O)