Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Family fun in Kergord...

With this good weather we've hardly stopped for breath, so today we've opted for a more laid back day today with lunch at Bonhoga and some marshmallow toasting and playing in Kergord Woods...

Today Beren has been mainly Batman, with a body warmer over his costume and spiderman wellies. It's a unique look...

After our fill of marshmallows we raced and played in the woods and had a great laugh on a couple of swings over the little burn that runs through it...



  1. Tis a unique look - but an absolutely fantastic one!
    And trees!!
    I didn't think Shetland had any trees.

  2. Yeh there are trees, just limited in quantity and size! where we park for these woods is one of only a couple of places here where you can actually drive for a short distance with trees over the road.

    1. Why doesn't Shetland have many trees?

    2. Basically they've all been cut down over the years and new plantings are pretty slow to grow. There are very few native trees from original stock left