Thursday, 14 March 2013

Somebody's watching you... Gloup Ness

I've intended to get a photo of the guy up on Gloup Ness for a while. 

There's an old coastguard watch hut on the top of Gloup Ness with great views out over the sea and up to Muckle Flugga and Saxa Vord on Unst...

And it's certainly something that could give you a good gluff, especially if you came upon it in in some gloomy light...

The crofter has gone to a fair bit of effort and expense to set the watch hut up as if it was being used complete with a life size guy in a gansie! Must get cold up there all the time on your own eh!

If you ever get up there to have a look at him, pay close attention to him as there's another unexpected site!

here's the view looking back to the top of Unst with Muckle Flugga on the left and the dome of Saxa Vord on the right...

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