Thursday, 7 March 2013

Papa Stour 3

My previous visits to Papa Stour have been on pretty rough cold days so why I hoped that this one should be any different I don't know. I woke during the night to the sound of the wind howling around the eves and when I arrived at West Burrafirth for the ferry was asked (as the previous two times) if I really needed to go to Papa and was I a good sailor. I'm starting to get the feeling that it's the ferry men that aren't so keen on going! Anyway my answer to both was 'Yes!' and if they were happy to sail I was happy to go. With car strapped to the deck we set off in to a fairly big swell, but nothing like as rough as my last trip over. On the way back it was worse still and the car got a good soaking with the sea splashing over the roof at times, still it was good to sit in side and watch.

Here's a little sample of the trip. I really need to get myself a new PC  so that I can edit video again...

I was there to look at some stiles and gates that are needed on a number of paths that cross and go around the island and set off from The Stofa at Biggins for Gorda Water before heading across to West Voe, Culla Voe and down to the tip of Hamna Voe.

Heading towards West Voe with pretty dramatic wind striping on the moor top...

The west side of West Voe...

And the eastside of West Voe...

What no panorama... put it down to brain freeze and a pretty hefty wind buffeting me about. The weather and light didn't lend itself to a day of photos really.

Next stop was around the coast to Culla Voe past numerous old buildings and then up to Lamba Ness. A fantastic ness with caves and stacks and arches and on a day like today thundering seas.

Heading to Culla Voe. The loch to the left is 'The loch that Ebbs and Flows'; great name! The stone circle in the foreground was intriguing. There are lots of remnants of things around the place with old homestead remains an burnt mounds.

Here's a great little cove on the east side of Lamba Ness facing into Culla Voe...

There were some big seas with air filled with spray and booming sounds as the waves filled the numerous caves around the area.

Looking across Sholma Wick towars the north west tip of Papa where the high point of Virda Field is, all 87m!

Finishing my investigations I headed to a meeting with an island resident. One of the original group to move in in the 70's an make the place his families home, and a lovely home it is too.

It was a cold windy day, but the place is fantastic I had a good chat, cup of tea and home baked cake and it even stayed dry so I've got no complaints at all.

PapaStour 21st Century has a lot of information for any one visiting the island including accommodation and the possibility of WWOOFING if you want to try out the crofting lifestyle!

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