Sunday, 10 February 2013

Märta II

My friend Martin Rickard of Sea Kayak Adventures got a new toy a little while a go. Though to call it a toy is doing it a great disservice. It's a great yacht built for solo ocean cruising and we've been busy getting her back in shape for our own cruising around Shetland and hopefully eventually further afield. 

Here's the proud skipper just before we went out for a few sea trials yesterday. 

There wasn't enough wind to  get sail up -and anyway they are away getting a once over- but we could have a putter around Lerwick harbour to see how she behaved under her outboard and practise leaving the berth and docking in her.

The water was like glass, literally, we slowly edged out through a frozen skin of ice with seals popping up to see what was going on, long tailed ducks looking gorgeous as we motored by with a beautiful clear sea and sky.

"Lerwick coast guard, just to let you know some silly sods are going to be going round in circles and generally aimlessly wandering about in the harbour, we're not lost or drunk, over!"

 Did I say the sea was like glass...

Märta II was built by a Swedish guy, Lars Rehn, for his cruising around Sweden and long distance solo voyages going around Scotland, Shetland and the Faroes and as far south as Madeira single handed. Sadly Lars is no longer with us, but his 23ft bermudan cutter will hopefully get to see a few more places yet. Martin even has thoughts of trying to get her over to Greenland to use as part of his adventure touring business there, but I wouldn't be surprised if she spends most of her time around these parts and even getting back over for a trip to Scandinavia first.

In 1997 Practical boating did an article on her. Her layout and spec has changed a bit since, but it gives you a good idea about the boat.

Here's a couple of photos of her plucked from the article...

After a bit of work on the boat and a putter around the harbour my friend Tom and I went for a walk around the coast and old mills near Fladdabister with his dog Teddy...

Ted's column...

While I was out playing with my mates, Beren was out with his best buddy, Clare and his mam out West for a short wander round Stanydale Temple  and there a bouts with Earl.

Earl is 13 weeks tomorrow and looking more whippety already. He's a good boy...


  1. What glorious conditions - hard to imagine it's the middle of winter.
    I'm moving to Qld too.
    Where are your rellies going to?

    1. They moved to Moranbah last September. Seem to be enjoying it.

  2. (Whohoo, I can comment again!)
    Beautiful glass water! And what an adventure sailing to Greenland would be! Flipping heck.
    You won't be missing those whales out on the boat now wither, will you :-)

    1. Cool, why couldn't you before? Odd. I'd love to see some whales when out and yes missing them is good!

    2. Old browser issues on a 2006 mac :-( But found a new browser that works better :-)
      Looking forward to some whale anecdotes :-)

  3. Re: The umlat above the A.
    There are codes which can create this on any keyboard.. I can't find the list just now, but as an example: ö is created by holding the 'Alt' key and typing '0246'.
    I used to have a link to it on my old computer. Must get that link on this new one... I'll let you know if I find it as it can be useful for some Shetland words. :)

    1. Cheers that would be useful! I'll have a google some time to see if I can find out too. Be good if we could get her across to Norway some time :o)

    2. Found it...
      Cheers for the hint :o)