Sunday, 17 February 2013

Earl's first run on the beach...

Clare and Beren were off up to Muckle Roe this morning on a felting course. As it was a fine day I decided to take Earl down to Meal Beach for a run.

It was his first time off the lead anywhere other than our garden. there were no sheep and no dogs so I slipped his lead and held my breath. He was a good as gold just staying with me and having a good sniff about like doggies do...

I realised on the way down I'd forgotten his ball and frisbee and other things to keep him engaged, but as always there's plenty of bruck on the beach to throw for a dog and keep it amused...


 We both a had fine time, could have said for ages, but I had to get home as I had a boat to go sailing on on the afternoon...


  1. Love to see young Earl and your super piccies. Hope Claire and Beren enjoyed the felting, that's one on my crafts. Just handed my notice in at work and am going to try to make some income from the various crafts I do instead...who knows if we ever make it to Shetland to live I might already have a website established. In the meantime we have finally booked our summer break to Shetland for our annual 'fix'. Vidlin this time :D

  2. Yeh they did though Clare wants to do felt pictures really and it was all about felt jewellery, though lots of techniques cross over. I like a bit of felting myself from time to time!

    Vidlin's nice, I used to row there and my friend who owns the boat lives there. Good place for otters even just in the marina and little loch and out along lunna ness is gorgeous

  3. Wish we lived up there...I could give Claire some help. Have made 3D items as well...that's great fun, tell her to use builders damp proofing plastic if she wants to have a go as it's good and strong and holds it's shape when the fibres shrink during felting. Glad it's good for otters at Vidlin as we are bringing youngest daughter and her partner in the first week so hope very much to see some otters.

    1. The otters are common around Vidlin marina and where the Skerries ferry leaves. Lunna Ness in general is good especially around Boatsroom Voe. Hope you see some

  4. Many thanks for the info...will be keeping fingers and toes crossed ;)