Sunday, 24 February 2013

A bit of a run for Earl...

Wow what another wonderful day it's been in Shetland; sunny, with light winds if some what chilly. I'm pretty flaked out today after the fun on Märta. Despite the good weather it's been a pottering about day, but we did take Earl for a short walk up from our house to a bit of hill where there are no sheep at present and he's able to have a run.

We didn't want him to over do it as he's still young but we had him race between us for treats a number of times. It's great to watch him run . Beren tried to race him too, no surprises who won!

 He's looking very much the long dog now...

And still very cute...


  1. He looks gorgeous and in super condition too. Well done your household for all the love and attention he so clearly receives.

    1. Cheers, we're doing our best, but he's a good dog anyway :o)