Saturday, 12 January 2013

Scalloway Fire Festival

Last night was Scalloway Fire Festival, the first of this years Up Helly Aas. It was a great night and though not feeling too great I couldn't miss the procession and burning of the galley, Fyeal...

Peter trait of DITT was the Guiser Jarl Bodvar Bjarki.

Three cheers for the Guiser Jarl...

There was a fair breeze and once the torches started flying so did the sparks, one going down Beren's top giving a nasty little burn. It didn't bother him too much, may be an Up Helly Aa right of passage for him?!

One thing I loved about this galley, Fyeal, was the blue glowing eye. It gave her a really sinister look and was still visible as the galley went out into the marina a flame...

All too soon she was gone and so the crowds dispersed to party or visit with friends for a cuppa tea and a bannock...

I enjoyed the beautiful cold and pretty clear evening, but my cough didn't so it was a rough night and a now a lazy day today.

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  1. Thank you for all photoes from a place I'm dreaming of. I was lucky to find you, have enjoyed a lot of your photoes and comments. We have been many places in GreatBritain and Scotland and Ireland, and I would once like to come to Shetland, but I need to win in the Lottery !!! In the meantime I will please follow you and your family. thank you . Greetings from Norway.

    1. Hi Bjorg and thanks for you comments, sorry I can't make the'o' in your name as it should be. It's great to hear you enjoy my blog and photos. I'd love to get to Norway too but like you I need a lottery win! Hopefully one day, the trekking huts you have over there look ace.

  2. Good to see your pictures.

    Best wishes
    Guizer Jarl Bodvar Bjarki

    1. Thanks! I hope you and your squad had a fine night and a good year as Jarl