Sunday, 20 January 2013

Beren and Earl at play...

It's been another quiet weekend. My cough is improving, but to add to my poor start to the year I had to have a tooth out on Wednesday afternoon. I broke a molar that had already been root canalled on a sucky sweet that I forgot to suck, which left me with no filling in it and a wobbly painful bit. There was really no option but for it to come out, though it obviously didn't want to, the dentist won eventually though. It's not had the last word though I've been back to sleepless nights and any time out in the cold starts it yapping at me.

Not like Earl who's a good doggy and does very little yapping!

He'll be 9 weeks tomorrow and seems to know just how cute he is...

He's restricted to the garden until he's had all his jabs, but him and Beren have been having some great fun out there..

 Earl had some great  fun yesterday too when my friend brought his super shaggy cocker spaniel Ted round to play. Hopefully in another 4 weeks they'll be able to get out on some walks together, gives me some time to get myself back in the land of the living too!

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