Thursday, 17 January 2013

A northern glow...

I'd been getting aurora alerts this afternoon and just around 7pm looked out the back to see the northern lights from the back garden looking pretty strong with some colour and movement. Of course by the time I got Clare and Beren to come and look they'd settled down.

Never the less I persuaded them to come for a run to Tingwall Kirk as they normally look pretty good  there and make a nice photo behind the Kirk. Sods law that when we got there they were still quiet, though glowing and there was a large bank of slow moving cloud.

I still got some nice photos, though the lights aren't anything like as strong as they were when I first saw them...

I've just been out again as I was getting text reports that the strength was even higher, but now there's thick cloud and a bit or drizzle in the air. I'll look again later before bed and might even set my alarm early for the morning just in case...


  1. Amazing! Hope they're active when I come up in a few weeks.

  2. Fingers crossed for some better shows when you are up