Saturday, 22 December 2012

whoop whoop whoop...

Just a quick update to say we left early and made it back sooth for Christmas.It's a bit odd reading about panic in the isles of Tescos and a chartered Hercules plane restocking the shop due to the ferry cancellations. I hope people are ok, I doubt they'll starve and there are other shops than Tescos across the isles. Having said that, well done on Tesco for doing it,great for PR that's for sure, just lucky you have the finacial backing for it.

In other news my lingering lurgy has turned out to be whooping cough. It just moved up a gear and I'm in full whooping suffocating mode at times; it's scary and horrible especially when you wake up at night coughing and suffocating. It must be truely awful to see kids with it. Nothing to do but wait for it to clear up which apparently can be up to 3 months!

Anyway seasons greetings to you all and I hope the weather sorts itself out in time for out return trip to Shetland after New Year!


  1. Oh dear do hope your health improves quickly. My daughter had the whooping cough vaccine at 38 weeks pregnant back in October to give the baby some protection. We had heard that it was on the rise again. Have a good Christmas with the family. Xx

  2. Well I hope it works for the baby. I try to tell my self to relax,not panic and try to breath in my nose when I can but almost impossible to do in an attack. Have a good ' un!

  3. Hope you get better sooner than later Kev.

  4. How horrible for you to have Whooping Cough - its also very sore on the body too. Glad to hear you made it south and hope you are having a lovely time. The Co-op also took supplies in by plane. Well done to them all. It must have been difficult for folk wondering if relatives were going to arrive in Shetland as to whether or not they needed that last minute fresh food. Having a quiet Christmas - lots of lovely presents and our Turkey Crown was delicious. Snow in Shetland today just a covering.

    1. Hi Elaine, glad you had a good Christmas and some snow too! Saw that the coop got planes up too the next day, pity they can't generally up their game as I k ow many would prefer to go there if the shop and service were better. Hoping Beren's cough doesn't turn out to be whooping cough, he was has his jabs, mines not making for much of a holiday. Fingers crossed the gales don't return for our return trip...