Sunday, 9 December 2012

A quick trip to Sumburgh

The snow wasn't long hanging about (though it's due back), but I've had a pretty rough cold that has been hanging about and keeping me up all night coughing. As a result I've had a pretty quite couple of weeks. 

We decided to escape the house in a clear spell today to get some fresh air and drove down to Sumburgh. We had a sneaky look around the Old Scatness site in a light sleet. Pretty impressive and I was surprised how many remains are there; it looks pretty small from the road.

Next stop was a sneaky look around Jarlshof in a bit sunnier spell.

Sumburgh Head on the left, Scat Ness on the right...

Again it's pretty impressive inside Jarlshof with the old broch remains, lairds house and the like...

There's much much more to the site, but again spell of sleet put the camera away and soon we were back in the car for a scenic trip home via Spiggie and Bigton. We stopped at Spiggie Beach and had a mooch for a while and headed round to a little secret beach near by, disturbing a few seals as we approached and then continued home.

I'm hoping both my chest and the weather improve for next weekend as after that we'll be home south for a couple of weeks, so a weekend out and about before we go would be great.

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