Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wintry Westerwick...

As we set out from Scarvister down Skelda Ness I did wonder about the worth of bringing my lump of a camera along. With a biting wind straight off the sea, hail, sleet,rain and spray it didn't seem like I'd be taking many photos. And I didn't but it was a grand walk and the sun did come out at times.

Getting the map out wasn't really an option and standing still was a challenge too, so I'm not too sure of the name of this stack, but it was taken from near Squidel on Skelda Ness...

We were heading in a generally North West direction toward Westerwick along a coast with no protection from the whipping winds, but with fantastic scenery.

Here's Sil Wick with a bank of hail disappearing to the right. A couple of times we had to just stand with our backs to the hail and it still stung through over trousers. I felt sorry for Ted, my friends' dog, his fur was good protection, but a hail stone on the nose obviously nips!

Looking back from the western side of Sil Wick...

And that's it for photo's, the weather was just to rough for it to be worthwhile getting the camera out, but rest assured if you are up in Shetland it's a stretch of coast you've got to visit. Use the search function on the right hand side for blogs of other visits to Westerwick.

After getting back to Westerwick we intended to end the walk with a civilised pint at the Westings Inn on the way home. It was closed when we got there though, so rather than loose the impetus for a well earned pint we popped into the Scalloway Hotel for a pint of Caledonia Best and the end to a nice outing.

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