Saturday, 24 November 2012

Whale Wick , Burra

I was taking it easy today after a busy week so just went out for a little stroll round the Hill of Sandwick on Burra. I set out from near Merkisayre Stud and headed south up the valley to Whale Wick...

It was a windy but lovely moody day with a low sun, a big south-westerly swell and air full or spray and foam at times. After a while soaking it all in I headed back north up the hill and long to a little arch. It was far too rough to get down tot he arch and pretty hard to get any photos at all with the spray but I risked my camera to get these two before just enjoying the atmosphere.

I was planning on a walk tomorrow with my walking buddy and his dog, but my knee's now giving me a bit of gyp, so I'm off to take some photos of my friend from seakayakadventure doing some Greenland rolling with his newly finished greenland paddle. I may even get a chance for a splash myself!

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