Sunday, 11 November 2012

Ling Ness

I met up with a friend today for a short wander round The Moul Of Eswick to Ling Ness. We seemed to manage to miss the showers, but catch the rainbow over Ling Ness...

Ling Ness is without doubt the gold at the end of the rainbow; one of my favourite places up here. I get serious envy whenever I go out there and see the homestead at the end with it's own little beaches, amazing views and pond with swans.

As we were heading there we were treated to the view of a pair of otter on the bankside. My friend saw them disappear into the bankside first, so we stopped and waited only to see them cautiously reappear a minute later and wander down the banks into the sea. It's wonderful to have moments like that, but a photo of them would have been nice too.

Here's the view looking out onto the ness itself...

After a bite to eat on the beach and much musing about dream homes and locations we headed back up the main track and home. Not much of an adventure but a wonderful wander on a sunny day.

Here's a J D Rattar photo of Ling Ness from the Shetland Museum and Archives Collection...

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