Friday, 23 November 2012

Deepdale, Maywick

There's a walk that goes out from Maywick north up the coast to Deepdale. Given it's name it's not surprising a very deep cut valley, but it you look on the map it also has a waterfall marked pretty much at the end of the route. I needed to check out the path so the falls were a little bonus.

Deepdale is the sharply cut valley at the top of the screenshot from Flash Earth. It's only a short walk there, but  pretty steep with a climb straight up from the car to start with plus other valleys. As you can see there's plenty of interesting coast to explore.

You get a great view from the cliff top of Maywick and out to Little and South Havra along with Burra further north. Here's South Havra in the crook of this bit off cliff. That veiw reminds me of fishing meids and the talk I went to last night at the Lerwick Museum.

Here's a great panorama from the top of Ramna Geo with (left to right) Maywick, Maywick Taing, Little Havra, South Havra, Holm of Maywick and the bottom of West Burra...

The 'official' path as such stops at Deepdale, but you can carry on up the coast, or where ever you want as long as you follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. I went a few hundered yards inland to look at the falls and have my dinner. It was a very windy day with rain to come so it wasn't long before I headed back, but as you can see it's a nice little spot...

I'll likely be back in my own time to explore some more and hopefully get down to the beach there, may be even this weekend weather providing...

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