Thursday, 29 November 2012

Da Brigs o' Vementry

It was an icy one this morning as I headed out West to Vementry, but as you can see pretty gorgeous and the sun not long out of bed.

 There's a path between Vementry and Clousta across some low hills in this land of lochs and voes. Mid-way is Da Brigs, a causeway and brig with a gate on it saying 'Da Brigs' And a very pretty spot it is too...

Though I've got to say not a pretty as the peerie beasties in the water. No it's not Nessie...

As ever my poorly endowed camera let me down so these are heavily cropped and as you can see by the time I came across these it was drizzling and grey which hasn't helped the photos.

Two of them were pottering about in the loch, in and out the water and usually too far from me for photos, but great to watch.

As you can see they were fairly close at times, but busy doing their ottery thing, not posing for photos for me!

No idea what it's got...

If there was ever and excuse to sit down and sit still for a few minutes, even in the rain, this has got to be it.

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