Saturday, 13 October 2012

Rova Head

After a fortnight of hardly leaving the house what with flu followed by chest and throat infections I decided I needed to try and get out for a spot of fresh air and stretch my legs.  The tide was low and the car needed a run and diesel so I decided to go over to Lerwick and out to Rova Head. You can't go through the old tip and recycling plant, but when the tide is out you can make it around the rocks.

Despite the wind I tried for a few long exposures looking across to the lighthouse with a 10 Stop Haida filter that I got recently. It'll be good to use it on some waterfalls and beaches when it's not so windy...


 East Rova head and the shingle strip connecting it to the mainland, does that make it a tombolo?

It's a lovely series of low lying humps out to the light...

Bressay to the right of the photo...

Looking north to West Rova Head and over the Holms of Vatsland to Kebister Ness which I'll wander along another time...

It's only a short wander, but clambering over the rocks took it out of me. Still it was nice to take the airs and see a different view. I've been getting aurora alerts all day so fingers crossed for a clear sky tonight and the ability to stay awake for once!


  1. Oh dear, sorry you've not been well. Hope Beren and Clare keep well. My daughter and I both had our annual flu jabs today. Sore arms for a few days are much preferred to the alternative.

  2. Don't know if I can just get a flu jab, but if I can in future I will as it really knocks me for six when it hits