Monday, 17 September 2012

Eshaness, Tingwall and a little experimentation...

Despite another mixed day today I seemed to get to Eshaness at just the right time for a great view up the coast.

The storm lashings of the previous weeks had died down, but it was still an impressive view...

I was also lucky enough to see two otters in the sea next to the road at North Roe this afternoon, but as usual I had no long lens. It was great to see them though. One day I'll get a decent photo of them!

On Sunday morning I went out for my constitutional around Tingwall and took my camera despite the threatening weather. 

Going up Berry Lane I watched a man working his two dogs on a group of half a dozen sheep, but felt a bit anxious of just photographing them; I wish I had. It's great to see them work though.

A bit further along I got stopped by a local crofter as I was crossing a field and felt a little worried; why was he heading directly to me on the quad, had I done something to annoy him (I am a bit paranoid)? He actually wondered if I was checking his lambs out before they go to mart! After reassuring him that I wasn't a sheep spy we had a brief chat before we both went off on our ways. 

Here's a view of the Tingwall Valley looking North from about where I was stopped...

And down by the loch where I am getting a stile and footbridge put in soon. Everyday's a busman's holiday for me!

Going back to Saturday, which was grim, I had decide to go out in a relatively calm spell to blow the cobwebs away and try out my welders glass filter on my camera. It cuts out a lot of light to allow long day time exposures so water gets all dreamy looking. Welders glass isn't a great optical improvement, but it should be fun until my proper Hiada 10 stop filter arrives. 

It really was far too windy for long exposures and avoiding the rain was a challenge, but I quite like the vintage quality I ended up with with these few exposures along John Boyne's Burn which leads into The Burn of Fitch. 

When my proper filter comes, and I choose a sensible day I might actually have a few nice photos to show!

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