Sunday, 23 September 2012

Clare' first Icelandic Knit

Clare has just finished her first Icelandic knit jumper, the pattern is Afmaeli, and it's pretty mega. The wool is Iceland wool from Lopi, which is very loose spun yarn that's supposed to be warm, waterproof and light. It's knit in one piece with only a very small amount of stitching needed under the arms.

Here it is having it's first drying on a jumper boards some friend's made us a while back...

And the yoke detail..

It's a pity I could never wear something like that, I'd cook, but it's fantastic. She's thinking of making some to sell, but as with all things handmade with quality wool, they'd not be cheap.

In the meantime she's just started on another Fair Isle toorie for me after a couple of years of nagging. Not that there's anything wrong with the first one she knit me, but it's always nice to have a choice!


  1. Well done Clare. I used to do a lot of knitting - Shetland Fair Isle, Lace, and Arran as well as anything else that took my eye but now I am crocheting. My neck muscles started to hurt. I used to do finishing for the Scalloway Woollen Mill that was sewing and or knitting the Yolks in to the bodies. It was extra cash but hard work.

  2. Brilliant work Clare. I picked up the wool and pattern for the Sheep Heid hat while I was up in August, started but on hold as I am making quilts for my youngest two barns who have both just started at University this year. The house is eerily quiet after 34 years of having children under the roof. At least I shall have more time this winter to get back into my knitting. I used to do a lot of fair isle and Arran many years ago. I too am crocheting Elaine for a new grandchild due in October from my elder daughter. Enjoy your knitting Clare and I hope Kev appreciates the work that goes into making his toorie ;)

  3. This is fantastic. I'm just learning to knit, and I couldn't imagine ever getting to this standard.

  4. Thanks very much. Really nice to have such positive comments. I really enjoyed knitting it.

    1. Love it! You could make one for the lady in 'The Killing'!

    2. Haha yeh... She's known for her jumpers