Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Out West...

As well as being up at Tingon on Saturday we went out for a walk and picnic around The Ness of Ireland near Maywick on Sunday with a spell on the lovely beach at Maywick too. Beren seems immune to the rather fresh sea and is loving splashing about in it, despite it being pretty brown and having floaters of peat in it from the Uradale landslip earlier in the week. I've got no photos though. The sun was just in the wrong place and too much for anything decent, but it wasn't too much for a decent walk and exploration of the fantstic coast there!

Come Monday and work I was shattered, but luckily it was a day of more running around in the car and office work than walking. Today though, and most of the week if the weather can sort itself out, I'll be out and about quite a bit.

Today I was out West, Westerwick and Clousta, and unlike the horrendous weather that is battering the window as I type it was gorgeous.

Here's a couple of shots of Westerwick I took on the cliff tops...

After a spot of lunch it was up to Clings Water, a lovely little loch out near Clousta, where I was followed a fair way round the loch by a lonely sheep!

When I see old buildings like this on the shore I always feel sorry for them and a longing to live there...

Though I'm sure that wish would soon fade as the winter comes in!


  1. Know what you mean about the deserted buildings. It made me really sad to imagine all the clearances and destroyed communities when we were out and about up there a few weeks ago.

  2. Yes, must have been awful and I know they're hard to modernise and keep to modern standard of warmth etc. But it annoys me to see old buildings left with new builds right next to them on the same plot...

  3. Yes I agree, if we get the chance to move up we will be looking to rent whilst we try to find one that we can restore to live in. For the moment it is wishful thinking whilst our last two children embark on 3 years of Uni education this September. But after that we will look more seriously at the possibility of relocating to Shetland. Jobs will be the issue with 10 years still to go till pensions kick in though. Oh well I can still dream that it will all work out when the time comes.