Friday, 10 August 2012


Other than the odd thunder storm the weather has been wonderful since we got back home. So I should have known that the day I was going to take some photos of my daughter jumping on her new horse, Kiki, it would be misty. 

She's a 12 year old 16.3 thorough bred that originally was a racer and then an eventer. Robyn's had her a few months and been enjoying some cross country, show jumping events and a bit of dressage too.

She's registering her to compete with Race horse to rider, a charity that supports getting race horses re-educated as riding horses and has events especially for ex race horses. We used to have rescue greyhounds, so it's nice to see there's something going on for retired/failed race horses.

We didn't spend long watching her do a few jumps, but it was great to see her go. I just need to be careful that I don't get Beren sucked in to horsey world, much as I love them, once they get a hold it's hard to escape!

Here's a short video of her today...

We're planning a day on the coast tomorrow along with a family meal later and probably a lazy Sunday with family too as we'll be heading back to Shetland early Monday morning.

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