Saturday, 4 August 2012

Home and away...

We're back home now, near Saltburn on the edge of North Yorkshire visiting family. We had a great escape from the fog of Shetland on Thursday night with a super smooth crossing on the ferry to wake up in sunny Aberdeen. We took the scenic route for our 7 hour drive home, going through the borders via Jedburgh. What a fantastic drive that is especially around the Jedburgh/Corbridge area and a massive contrast to the landscape of Shetland with tree covered hills, huge glistening rivers and the road going through tunnels of greenery at times. If you go through there especially with kids I recommend stopping off at Harestone Country Park a few miles north of Jedburgh (can't find a website), there's a cafe too if you're feeling flush!

When we finally got back to my Mam's I went to pick up my daughter and granddaughter, Faith, who was 6 the other day.

I also went to see my daughters new neddie, Kiki, a gorgeous 16.3 eventer who must be the first sensible horse she's ever had! I had a right shock though, literally, as there is an electric fence wired to the mains that's not obvious near the gate. It's hard to see there, I brushed it with my hand while closing the gate and wondered what had hit me. It was horrible!

We're off to visit Brimham Rocks, over near Ripon today with family so hopefully I'll get some nice photos too...

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