Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Brimham Rocks!!!

And it really does! If you're ever in North Yorkshire near Ripon on a nice day, particularly mid-week you've got to go there. Brimham Rocks is an amazing playground of natural grit stone boulders, woodland and heath with the most fantastic bilberries in the world ever, usually the size of commercial blueberries.

Our trip sooth has been the usual and expected whiz around family and friends whilst trying to fit in some old favorites. These photos are pretty much straight of the camera as I've got no editing facility, next time I'l have to bring a lap top with good old lightroom on, but I think you'll agree it's a pretty special place.

We had a great day with my daughter, her husband and Faith, my granddaughter. When we go there the kids were off like a shot climbing over boulders and crawling through tunnels...

Despite being busy in the school holidays it wasn't too crowded and we did find a great spot for our picnic.

 Then it was off with more exploring to do...

The brave explorers!

 As well as scrambling about there were people bouldering and properly rock climbing. I bet their heath and safety assessments are interesting here, thankfully it's not full of signs telling you what not to do.

We've also been over the pennines to near Wigan for a couple of days to visit some of Clare's family. While we there we had a great day out at Liverpool's World Museum. which is free and has fantastic exhibitions. Beren's favourite was the bug exhibition with live insects and giant models.

On the same theme, Beren had acquired a pond dipping net and was desperate to go 'fishing' with it for bugs and stuff. We went to Orrell Water Park and Greenslate Water Meadows to see what we could get. Sadly not much other than leafe debris and mud, but he had a good time exploring and running about.

Sticky bud wars with his granddad were fun too!

Beren's been really enjoying watching the olympics and telling us every time he sees a 'team GB flag', which has been quite regularly down her in England. Now he keeps stopping when we're on a walk, even in the middle of Liverpool, getting on his marks, set and racing off. It's really funny and got quite a few smirks from people...

The drive back to my mam's last night was pretty tiring with some major detours over the North York Moors due to flash flooding. 

We've got a day 'off' today, but Beren wants to go geocaching! I want to take some photos of my daughter show jumping and then we've got planned visits for the rest of our stay. We'll need a rest when we get back home to Shetland as we're all in a spinning whizzing tizz...

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