Sunday, 19 August 2012

All beached out...

Wow what a day eh?

I don't know about anywhere else but central and southern Shetland have had fantastic weather today. After zooming around Tesco's this morning I went down to Meal beach on Burra to try out my new wide angle lens. The sea's not too lively just now, but it was a lovely morning to be sitting there taking photos...

Beren had been asking to go out and do some geocaching, so after a hearty roast dinner (Thanks Clare x) we set off for the south end with a few caches around Scousburgh and Bigton to find. The one near Bigton was actually on St Ninian's Isle. as expected on a day like today the car park was busy, but it being such a big beach there was plenty of space to enjoy. Beren was keen to enjoy the sea and there was lots of space there LOL!


There were a few others braving the sea, though with wetsuits, and one horse. What a fantastic place to ride your horse. I used to love riding on the long sands at Redcar and Saltburn, but they can't compare to the oasis that is St Ninian's.

Finding the geocache on the isle was really the anti-climax of the trip after the beach and signalled our time to go home as the wind was freshening, sky darkening and the temperature cooling.

Back to work tomorrow and lots to catch up on...


  1. Well my time on Shetland sped past and I am already missing it badly. We took our friends to St Ninians on the morning they arrived on the ferry to join us for the last of our 3 weeks...they are now smitten too.

  2. I hope you are all okay after the flooding this week?

  3. hi Elaine, yeh we're all Ok, not like the poor folk at Uradale along the voe. It all pretty much settled down later in the day, but I've got a few things to sort out at work because of it.

  4. Hi Ellen, glad you had a good time despite all your running about to the airport.

  5. Your right about Redcar espec at mo with the wall and miserable excuse for a pier lol. When the wind turbines go up it will be the suposed crowning glory of Redcar.Thats why the puplic can only to see over the wall in one place.Having no sheltered seating very few anyway [bad idea as people will be staggering around with the shock at the fifteen pound charge to go in the tower each] as the view will be of the new turbines.All the views you have on this site are brilliant, i don't suppose you want to consider a swap lol.Hope all freinds are all safe after the recent storms.