Wednesday, 11 July 2012

There be a dolphin was in Scalloway today!

I was down at Sumburgh Head today when I got a tweet from Shetland Wildlife that there was a common dolphin in East Voe at Scalloway. It actually said north of the marina , which seemed odd as there's not a great deal of water north of the marina and where I was down south it was low tide. But north of the marina it was. There's also been a sighting of a humpback whale off the north of Unst!

 There were a fair few people there watching it as it lazily circled around in the voe.


As usual I was feeling a little embarrassed at my lack of technology, but luckily my boss who also happens to be the photographer Austin Taylor was there. I was mentioning that I was trying to decide what long lens to get and he kindly offered me the use of his Nikon 300mm F4, cheers! The only problem is now I know what I'm missing.


There have been a few dolphins seen around Shetland this last week, all common dolphins, so I wonder if the three we saw a Quendale Bay the other day were common ones too.

Though they can't compete for my attention with dolphins this little fella caught my eye while I was down at Sumburgh Head. In and out it's burrow doing a little house work!

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