Friday, 13 July 2012

Stanes of Stofast, an earth cache

Beren and I have gone a bit geocache crazy today, so much so that we didn't get our promised visit to Frankie's Fish Shop until about 2.30pm, by which time we were ravenous!

I made a bit of a school boy error really. Our main destination for the day was an earth cache at The Stanes of Stofast, but rather than just going there we fitted in another 5 geocaches on the way. By the time we actually got there Beren was pretty exhausted and hungry. Next time, we'll do the long walk (for a 4 year old) first and the other less arduous ones after that.

The stones are really one enormous glacial erratic that has been split by freeze thaw action over thousands of years. They're very big and very impressive...

They're in a great setting too over looking sea and lochs. A great spot to camp...

If you're into climbing I hear there are some great bouldering routes on them, but I reckon there'd be a lot of gardening to do, the lichen covering is like a deep carpet on most of it.

We were thinking of a trip to Noss tomorrow, but I'd forgotten that we have an appointment at a BBQ on the afternoon. May be we'll get there Sunday, failing that we'll be up at Vidlin for a paddle on the Spirit Dancer Canoe that is there for the weekend.