Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Slithers

It's been a bit of a wild one today. Dry, foggy, but blowing a hooley. I went out for my constitutional this morning (around the Scord, Hill of Easterhoull, Sundibanks) and couldn't believe the gale blowing down the Tingwall valley, up on the top it was eye watering, but sensibly I'd gone clockwise so it was at my back on top.

We've had various plans for the weekend. First if was to be camping on Out Skerries with friends, I don't know if the ferry was even running there today with force 8 winds. Then it was to be Noss open day, but that was cancelled; due to the high winds that small RIB ferry couldn't run. 

In the end we settled for some geocaching down south, followed by Beren's friend's for tea. We found a cache on the way and then a lunch at The Sumburgh Hotel went down well (the club sarnie with chips is ace).

After that we did a dash and grab cache near by, before heading up to Compass Head. The wind up top was pretty strong, though the sea wasn't as rough as I'd hoped for.

This is the picture looking from Compass Head towards Sumburgh Lighthouse across the aptly named 'slithers'. What a great descriptive name for this grassy, slabby, slithery slope eh?

Up next was a walk from Toab to visit a cache at Quendale Beach, somewhere Clare and Beren had not been before. As we walked down the track to the beach something dark kept catching my eye out in the bay. Getting excited I stopped and watched a while. There was a dolphin or something. We all watched and definitely saw something. Annoyingly we'd left the binoculars in the cars as we weren't expecting to see anything much and it was so windy. But we headed down into the shelter of the banks and watched for a while as 3 dolphins of some description came closer to us. I say dolphins as they were much bigger than porpoises and were behaving like the risso's dolphins I'd seen up at Catfirth, but I don't think they were that size. Sadly they didn't come close enough for a clear identification, but wow, it was great to watch them hunting around the bay. After that finding the geocache was a bit of an anti-climax!

The forecast is pretty grim for tomorrow at present, so it may be a house work day. Grrrr...


  1. Thanks - I have now checked Blogger and yes I need to buy space for my photos! Another miserable day.

  2. Yup it is! Shopping and slobbing ing the house for us. Glad we're not in Out Skerries with a 4 year in a tent!!!

  3. Wow, even with the wind, what a tremendous day where you get to experience all of that lovely scenery and (possibly) dolphins too.