Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Shetland Bereavement Support Services

Usually it's post cards I enjoy getting from other people, but I've not got some of my own postcards!

Well, I say my own, Shetland Bereavement Support Services like all charities need to raise money to support their services and friend of ours who is involved with them suggested producing scenic postcards of Shetland and also suggested my photos. I was more than happy to let them have some of my photos to help support the project. This was some time ago and I'd nearly forgotten about it until the other day Clare came home with an example of the five postcards they're producing.

Winter calm over Lunna Ness...

A bright day in Voe...

The Bard Gun, Bressay

Pausing for Pooh sticks, Burn O' Fitch

Sunset over Fair Isle

I'm not sure if they're 'on da street' yet or what price they'll be, but if you see them may be you'll think to buy one or two. I particularly like the way a few have come out even with being cropped to postcards size.

Clare's favourite is the one of Voe; mine is Pooh sticks for both the photo and the memories of a fine venture with Beren.


  1. Luna Ness is my favourite, followed by the Voe. Well done you. I'll look out for them whilst I'm up in August and buy a few to send home and some to keep.

  2. Mine is a bright day in Voe: looks like a miniature village.
    Nice one, Kev ;-)

  3. I particularly like "Pausing for Pooh Sticks". Great idea also. Peter

  4. Cheers for that all of you :o)